Gifts From Above


This is a picture of the apartment block next to our office.

Notice the state of the upper window.

It’s possible that what’s covering the window is bird-shit from a really big bird (an ostrich, perhaps, or maybe a dragon) with a dreadful case of the runs.

But that’s unlikely.

The window is on the second floor, and there are three more floors above it. What I reckoned happened is that last night was such a lovely night that the residents of that apartment decided to leave their window open. The windows open outward from the bottom, like a canopy.

And during the night one of the residents from one of the floors above threw up out of his window. (Or hers, though I’m betting on it being a bloke).

Since they’re on the second floor, and the windows only open a few inches, it’s not easy to see how they’re going to clean it off.  And the weather’s getting warmer.

There is a saying “good fences make good neighbours”.

But realistically, good fences aren’t much use if said neighbours are going to vomit at you out of the sky.

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