It’s All About Me(me)

I have been meemed by Holemaster.

I’ve to link to him (done that), list the rules (doing that here), mention six facts of absolutely no importance about myself (can’t see that being a problem, have you read the rest of this blog) and then tag six others (the difficulty here being that HM has taken about half of the bloggers I know).


babys-bottle1. Back in the 1950s babies’ bottles were made of glass. My brother (aged 1) smashed me (aged 2 & a half) across the nose with his. I still have the scar.

kylie-in-neighbours2. I fancied Kylie before the rest of you did. I thought she was gorgeous as Charlene in Neighbours, even in her mechanic’s overalls. My friends used to laugh at me.

3. I once met a woman who looked familiar in a bookshop in Bray, decided she was a friend of my mother’s, and chatted to her for ten minutes about my mum. After I left the shop I realised she was actually the American actress Dana Winter, who was over here in Bracken at the time.



4. I don’t like spaghetti bolognese, and therefore have never learned to cook it. I may be the only person on the planet who’s ever been a student and can say that.

5. There’s a scene in High Anxiety where Mel Brooks is so afraid of heights that in a shopping mall he inches along beside the windows of the shops so that he won’t get near the big drop in the middle. I actually have to do that if I’m on the top floor of the Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre.

ghost6. While I certainly didn’t weep uncontrollably at the end of Ghost, I was glad it was dark enough in the cinema that Mrs Tin couldn’t see my eyes.

Now the hard part. Sorry guys, but I’m picking






and Monkey Balls.

Over to you lot.

6 thoughts on “It’s All About Me(me)

  1. Jo

    My friend chatted away to someone in the theatre for ages, thinking it was the son of her father’s friend.

    It wasn’t til the bus on the way home she realised it had been Nigel Haver’s.


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