Desperate Houselives, Day 1

While Mrs Tin has been away since Thursday, last week the Tinkids were off school so they didn’t really need me at all. This morning they’re back, so this is my first day as a real house husband.

I’ve made sure they were all up, got their breakfasts, doled out money for a number of suspiciously unlikely-sounding reasons, sent the boys off in time for their bus, driven Tingirl to school, gone shopping in Tesco so early that some of their stuff like potato salad wasn’t even laid out yet, put away the shopping, tidied up after breakfast, and now I’m staring at the washing going around in the machine, waiting for it to stop so I’ll have something to do.

It’s eight minutes past ten, and I’m not due to see another human being for five hours.

On the plus side, the off-licences open in twenty-two minutes.

I’m gonna buy me a bottle of gin.

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