Dog Eat Dog

On this morning’s Irish Times website a headline “Visitors flock to Mountjoy while sniffer dogs go for lunch” was followed by this teaser for the actual article:

“A ROW over a €13.70 lunch allowance has significantly reduced the operating hours of new sniffer dogs that search visitors for drugs in Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison.”

I was intending to try to write some sort of humourous piece speculating about what sort of lunch the dogs were enjoying that cost €13.70 each day, but then I read the article in full, and it’s just too depressing to joke about.

Essentially these dogs handlers were getting over €65 a week tax-free to eat lunch. Now that’s been stopped. So instead of either (a) protesting about it, (b) accepting that the times have changed, and this sort of thing can’t go on any more or (c) leaving, they have opted to do their job in such a way that’s it’s now useless. And still get paid.

Their job is too important for messing like this. If they’re not willing to do it properly, they should be replaced by someone who will.

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