Please Close The Gate

Why oh why must every scandal or controversy have the suffix “gate” added to the end of it?

Watergate was Watergate because the building was called, well, Watergate. And whoever added “-gate” to the next scandal, whatever it was, was quite clever. But now it’s just added to everything – we’ve had Irangate, Contragate, Monicagate, Bertiegate, and now of course Portraitgate.

I’m just hoping we never have any scandal surrounding our longest-running TV show (Latelategate), our most innovative theatre (TheGategate), or the winner of Irish Blog post of the year (K8theGr8G8).

3 thoughts on “Please Close The Gate

  1. laughykate

    Like you, I have thought the insertnameofscandal-gate is so 1970. It’s like a journo thinks, ‘Hey we’ve got a scandal so let’s slap a -gate on it and call me brilliant.’

    Having said that, I shall have to involve myself in some type of controversy so there can be a laughykategate.


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