Being Egged On

I was walking home last night when I suddenly heard this crack against the wall right beside me.

Someone had thrown an egg at me from a passing car.

Now, kids throw eggs all the time. Our neighbours’ kids used to throw eggs at our house. Mrs Tin mentioned this to our neighbour and was assured loftily that her children were not involved. She obviously checked this with her children, however, and to her eternal credit they turned up at our door about ten minutes later to apologise.

They were about ten years old at the time, though, whereas at least one of the people involved last night is old enough to have a driving licence and access to a car.

Which raises some questions:

How small is that person’s brain?

Is he ever going to grow up (can’t imagine it being a she)?

And why does everyone I tell the story to start laughing?

6 thoughts on “Being Egged On

  1. tinman18 Post author

    And you’re kind of right, Gaiusc, I did finish the walk home muttering about “young people today” like an ould fella.


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