Cop Yourself On, Mary

On the day that Jade Goody has died, aged just 27, of cervical cancer, I want again to express my disgust that Mary Harney backed out of a plan to give a cervical cancer vaccine free to 12-year old girls.

The plan would have cost €9.7 million, and might have saved who knows how many girls from deaths as painful and untimely as Jade’s.

But Mary decided we can’t afford it. Are we really that poor now?

When the announcement was made first I wrote this. Needless to say, not one of the wasteful practices I mentioned had been tackled in the period since, but more money has been poured into the banks, incompetent gobshites have got big pay-offs and other, even more incompetent, gobshites have thrown away money taking  helicopters to work.

I ended my previous post by saying “Now Mary, have the courage to stand up for your Department, your gender and the children of your country .”

That still stands. If she can’t find a way to fund this, even just via savings from some of the waste in her own HSE, then she’s not fit to be Minister for Health.

Apparently Jade Goody’s plight has led to an increase in women presenting for smear tests. This makes her more useful in fighting cancer than Mary Harney.

2 thoughts on “Cop Yourself On, Mary

  1. coffee maker

    judging by the medical aftershock of Goody’s passing, it sounds like she might have inadvertently made a long-term difference for cancer prevention in the U.K.

  2. greffenhunter

    Harney is an absolute and utter disgrace. Beyond her blatant conflicts of interests, her privatisation agenda and wasteful management is unrelenting incompetance.
    How much longer will we tolerate this obscenity?


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