So That Was That

If I’d thought of it, it would have been very quite a bit funny to start a series of posts called “Lost Weekend”, write the first one right up to the time when I went for my first drink, and then not write anything more.

blog-awardsI didn’t think of it, but effectively that’s what I’m doing, since I realise there’s not much sense in giving a blow by blow account of the Irish Blog Awards weekend. Those who were there know what happened, and can write about it much better than I can, and those who weren’t won’t be interested.

So all I will say is that

  • I had a fabulous time
  • The Awards event itself was brilliant, both professional and funny, and
  • I met a lot of people whose work I’ve admired, and made the not-very-surprising discovery that people who’s blogs I like turn out to be people I like.

One story, though. Ryanair’s insistence on just one piece of baggage meant that everything I brought went into my laptop backpack. Consequently it ended up the shape and weight of a Volkswagen Beetle and, as I got onto the Aircoach yesterday I turned to get into a seat and, using a technique perfected by a childhood of watching Laurel and Hardy, struck the man opposite in the face.

Who turned out to be Tingirl’s headmaster.

She might have a tough day at school today.

6 thoughts on “So That Was That

  1. Jo

    The funniest thing is that as we got the lift upstairs when I was getting ready to leave on Sunday, we both walked to rooms opposite each other.

    I really don’t know why I didn’t just knock and see who was there as soon as I arrived 🙂


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