Lost Weekend Part 1: Friday

Ok, I’m here.

I got the Airport bus (the 747, clever, huh?), went through the obligatory patting-down that is the fate of the taint-of-heart, made my flight (yeah, yeah, carbon footprint, look the plane was coming here anyway), managed to find the hotel (yes, it does have a big green sign and yes, it is directly across the road from the airport, but this is me you’re dealing with), and now I’m in my room, making use of their lovely interweb.

Why am I here?

Dunno. From the time I started blogging, then heard there was an Irish Blog Awards, I thought “I’m going to that”. I booked in so early that I think I’m in the room they were keeping for Damien Mulley. I felt it would be a chance to meet other bloggers, and share hints, advice, and uproarious tales of the trials and tribulations of blogging.

But that so isn’t me.

It’s more likely that I’d sit quietly in the corner, saying nothing, or end up by mistake in a conversation with a group of Americans who are the only people in the hotel who aren’t here for the awards, and who can’t understand why I call myself “ThinMan”.

Thankfully the lovely Jo is coming, so I’ll be able to hang out of her apron strings, unless she gets palatic at the BloggerBirds’ Booze-Up Lady Bloggers’ Tea Party tomorrow afternoon.

And anyway, after the week I’ve just had, it’s great to be doing something different.

And I can cheer wildly for K8, and Lottie, and Xbox.

Best of luck, guys.

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