Now You See Me


The Road Safety Authority is to circulate 30,000 high-visibility jackets among rural pubs for them to lend to customers walking home.

I think this is an excellent idea, and fully intend to wear mine the entire time that I am in the pub, since I have often, when my glass is empty, suspected that I am invisible to the bar staff.

Whereas many years ago I used to own a number of rugby-shirts, even though my own career had ended at the age of 13 when I arrived back to training to discover that every 13-year old in the country had put on five inches and two stone over the summer, and I hadn’t. Two games later, fed up with feeling as if I’d been hit by a tow-truck every time I was tackled, I decided soccer would be safer (or parachute jumping, for that matter).

rugby-shirtAnyway, the picture on the right is the closest I can find on Google to one particular shirt I used to wear a lot, though mine also had a lot of orange in it.

One summer evening I arrived into my local to find a pint on the counter ready for me. “I saw you coming across the road,” explained the barman. I turned and looked at the frosted-glass door and window. “Well, yeah, I could only see a shape,” he admitted, “but no-one else in here wears a shirt that colour”.

See? It works.

3 thoughts on “Now You See Me

  1. Jo

    Heh. When I was first going out with my husband, he had long hair, and a pink bike, and pink dungarees and a pink tshirt.

    And he used to go to work like that.


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