I’m Seeing A Pattern Here

overworkedWhen the boom was on, we all had far too much work.

Therefore we were all expected to work very long hours and not get paid overtime for it.

Now the recession is here, some of our customers will close, many others will be afraid to spend money, and the way to survive is to prove to them that we can provide an excellent service at competitive rates.

Therefore we will all be expected to work very long hours and not get paid overtime for it.

2 thoughts on “I’m Seeing A Pattern Here

  1. Jo

    Yes. I want to hear the voices of all the people who didn’t slide into a life of luxury and wonder during our boomtime.

    Who still couldn’t afford a house. Or did and still have huge mortgage payments.

    Who had to queue in hospital waiting areas for hours.

    Or take the govt to court for a place in a school for their child with special needs.

    Or never got a job with a pension.

    Or go on more than one holiday a year.

    Or couldn’t get their children into the primary school of their choice.


    These people exist! We’re not all living behind security gates in Stillorgan mansions and driving BMW SUVs.

  2. Holemaster

    Most people living in huge houses with expensive cars are doing it on cheap credit and topped up mortgages based on inflated house prices which are now dropping. I nearly bought a house about three years ago and my god am I happy I didn’t. A friend of mine bought hers at the peak and really regrets it now. €100K down in one year.


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