Doggone (and Back)

Tinson2 and a friend were in Kilcoole yesterday evening waiting for the bus home. As they had time to spare before it was due they went into Centra to buy something un-nutritious and full of e-numbers. A dog that had been near the bus stop followed them in, and followed them round the shop wherever they went.

dogAt the counter Tinson2 noticed a missing dog poster, complete with photograph. He looked from dog to poster and back, and it was definitely the same dog. He rang the number on the poster, and about ten  minutes later an old guy (Tinson2’s words, which means the guy was aged anywhere between ninety and forty-two) arrived. The dog raced straight over to him, and the delighted owner said that he had been missing for nine days.

That’s it. No moral, no real point, it’s just a nice story with a happy ending. Though they did miss their bus.

It reminds me of a day when I was walking along St Stephens Green. Ronan Keating had just founded the Marie Keating Foundation in memory of his late mother, and near where Planet Hollywood used to be there was a huge billboard with a picture of the pair of them and a plea to help the Foundation. I looked up at this and when I looked back down Ronan Keating was walking past me.

Small world.

4 thoughts on “Doggone (and Back)

  1. Jo

    Maybe you called Ronan into being with the power of your mind, and Tinson has inherited the power.

    Try it now, look at a photo of chocolate cake and see what happens.


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