Whale Song

whale1I was thinking about whale song this morning (no idea why) and a couple of questions occurred to me.

Are there good and bad whale singers, as there are with humans? In other words, is there a whale equivalent of, say, Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia?

Do whales like Bjork?

Did whales regard Nelson Eddy & Jeanette McDonald’s “Indian Love Call” as humans taking the piss?

And finally, when whales get drunk, (Friday nights in the Kelp and Minnow) do they sing about their beloved far across the land?

2 thoughts on “Whale Song

  1. Holemaster

    American listening stations which were trying to monitor Russian submarines, picked up whale signals from opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean. So if they do get drunk and sing off their beloved far away, their beloved can probably hear them!


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