Speling Bee

One evening earlier this week Tinson1 and I were the only two in the living room. I was writing the last couple of posts of the Tinman saga, and he was watching something on Sky. Then an ad break came, and Sky put on one of their many self-praising ads about how much sport they’ll have on during the coming month.

“Hey!” said Tinson1 suddenly, “they’ve spelled February wrong!”

By the time I looked up the word had gone off the screen, and I was about to ask what they’d done wrong when I suddenly got this awful feeling of dread. Still, he’s our first-born, and we love him, so I decided to hope for the best. “They’ll put in up again at the end of the ad,” I said, “they always do.”

Sure enough, the ad ended, and “FEBRUARY ON SKY SPORTS” appeared on the screen.

spelling“See!” he said, and my hope withered and died. I just looked at him, carefully showing no expression.

“Did you not see?” he said, grinning. “They had an R after the B!”

I continued to look at him. Slowly the grin faded.

“No WAY!” he said. I continued to look at him. “Seriously?” he said, almost pleadingly. I just nodded very slightly.

“But I’ve always spelled it the other way, ” he said, as if that made it right, like some sort of squatters’ rights law.

The scary thing here that Tinson1 is 17, is doing his Leaving Cert in five months time, and then intends to go to UCD to do Physics.

Or “Fizziks”, as he has probably put on his Application Form.

tori-spelling(And by the way – and I’ve just noticed that this would have been a bracket-free post if I hadn’t put in this last bit – it should go without saying that I’ve Spellchecked the shit out of this post before publishing it).

And the picture over there -> ?

Well, it’s Tori Spelling.

It came up as one of the pictures when I typed “spelling” into Google Images, and it just seemed a shame to waste it.

3 thoughts on “Speling Bee

  1. Jo

    Oh, I don’t know. A friend found out in 5th year he’d been spelling Thursday ‘Thrusday’ all his life without realising it. Maybe it’s just a blip like that.

    That is the most airbrushed picture of Tori Spelling I ever saw. Look how stretched her tummy looks. And how un-thigh-like her thighs look.


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