Rising in Your Career

So, back to work yesterday morning, coughing and spluttering like my first car.

And I had offered to be in first to open up before eight, but then found that CIE has messed with the timetables, because real people public servants don’t work this week, so the only train that would get me in before eight was at 6.30, so I’d to get up at 5.30.

So then I left work early, went to bed at five yesterday evening, and slept right through till 5.20 this morning, when I got to do it all again.

But, to stop myself feeling bad about it, I’ve posted this picture:


I know it’s not a great picture, if only because your correspondent is an idiot, but it’s taken at the Coldplay concert, and at the top you can just see a man sitting in a chair suspended above the audience, working the spotlight.

There’s not a chance they’d get me into that chair.

Suddenly I feel a whole lot better about my situation, man-cold and all.

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