Just Like a Woman

On Saturday K8 the Gr8 mentioned a Blog Gender Analyzer (http://www.genderanalyzer.com/), where you type in a blog address and it tells you whether the blog is written by a man or a woman. I entered mine and was informed that there is a 77% chance that I am a woman.

Clearly therefore I am not posting enough pictures of Yelena Isinbayeva


or Maria Sharapova


Clearly also I am not using the words poo, tit, bum or fart enough. Fear not, all of these flaws will be remedied from now on.

Yesterday, though, I forsook the delights of the Manchester derby followed by Chelsea v Arsenal to spend the afternoon at bowling-then-pizza with eight 12-year old girls. Then came back home and ooh’d and aah’d at the bracelets, nail stuff, etc that Tingirl was given by these girls. And then, because it was her birthday, when she put on “The Winner Takes it All – the Story of Abba” I didn’t flee to the kitchen to blog, but stayed and watched it with her – and really enjoyed it.

So I don’t dare take the test again today.

13 thoughts on “Just Like a Woman

  1. Jo

    I can see what might make a blog seem feminine, but not what the masciuline qualities are – I’m only 68% girl! Or 62… so hat do you do, write in short, abrupt sentences?

  2. laughykate

    I’m 65% woman! How does that work?

    It must be a load of bollocks – I just did it on Twenty’s old blog address and they said 55% sure it was a man, but that it was QUITE GENEDER NEUTRAL!

  3. Holemaster

    I’m going a bit mental with this one, I just checked the top gear site and it’s 80% man.

    I’ll aim to improve the man rating on mine over the next while. It’s like trying to reduce my cholesterol number (which was 7).

  4. tinman18 Post author

    Though your previous post was called “Vagina Bucket” and the first word was “Ovulation”, so I’m impressed that you managed to become even more girly than that.

  5. K8

    @Holemaster – ‘Bolloggs’… is that when you have all your cereal and sugar ready in a bowl and you realise there’s no milk?


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