Like a Dragon

So, not too bad. I do have to get one tooth replaced by a crown though. The dentist asked would he take the impression there and then, saying that there was a small chance doing this might actually pull the tooth out. Fuck that – it’s hard enough being the old guy in a company full of beautiful young women, without being the old gummy guy as well. So I’m going on Monday 15th and the crown will be ready on the 18th, & if the tooth comes out on the Monday, well, then I’m taking 3 days holidays.

I do wonder, though. This will be my third crown, as well as all the Tinman pacemaker stuff. What percentage of my body weight has to comprise man-made materials before I’m officially classed as an Artificial Life Form?

dragonAnyway, the dentist cleaned up my teeth, dug out all the gunk, etc, then told me this story. He had an old guy in yesterday and did the same for him (and now the reason for the strange title of this post will become clear). The man stood up, poked his tongue against his teeth, and said “that’s great, now I can do my Christmas trick for my grandkids”.

“And what’s that?” asked the dentist.

“Spitting gin though the gap in my front teeth into the fire.”

Old people rock.

3 thoughts on “Like a Dragon

  1. laughykate

    I am always suspicious of dentists, though. Already I’m imagining a conversation that he had with this wife/partner in the morning.

    Wife: ‘Darling, I really would like to fly first class to the Maldives this Christmas, business class is just so, 2007.Are you sure we can’t afford it? We deserve it.’

    Dentist: ‘Dammit, you’re right! I’ve got Tinman coming in this morning, I think he’s going to need some new teeth.’

  2. Tinman18

    I feel the same about opticians, LK. I wonder has anyone ever gone to an optician and been told “your eyesight is perfect, you certainly don’t need glasses”.


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