In Praise of Pat

Many people don’t like Pat Kenny. They criticise his demeanour as a presenter and interviewer, saying he’s stiff and boring. My favourite comment about him was when a guy rang Ray Darcy’s Fix-it Friday asking “where can I buy a wooden Pat Kenny as featured on the Late Late Toy Show”. People just wish we had someone more dynamic and well, more fun as host of our most popular chat-show.

In fairness though, he’s never rung the answering machine of an elderly man and told him he’d shagged his grand-daughter. And then decided it would be funny to let it go out on air.

Sometimes you’ve to be careful what you wish for.

9 thoughts on “In Praise of Pat

  1. Xbox4NappyRash

    Pat does wreck my head though.

    That Brand/Ross thing, as ridiculously filthy as their comments and actions were, the producer who cleared it to air two days later needs to be strung up.


  2. Jo

    I’m just thinking about this. I was a bit aghast at the story, but its awfulness also made me laugh, I’ll admit.

    The thing is, I’ve just realised, is that the fact it was Johnathan Ross and Russell Brand, for god’s sake. They’re a pair of 14 year old school boys egging eachother on. I wouldn’t like to get a filthy message from people talking about my granddaughter, no, but it’d be different if it was those two.

    I”m not saying some action needed to be taken. Yes, putting it out was pretty misguided too.

  3. Tinman18

    I agree with you about them egging each other on, Jo, and I could just picture them together getting giddier and giddier, but when it was all over the should both have said “of course, we can’t leave any of that in.”

    The producer is of course wrong, but Jonathan Ross (who I really like) in particular is at this long enough to know what is and isn’t going too far.

    I agree with you too about Pat, Xbox, but I’ve always felt sorry for him. He was quite happy and much more relaxed doing Kenny Live when it was the Number Two chat show. I think he knows he’s on a hiding to nothing with the Late Late and to me he doesn’t look wooden, he looks petrified.

  4. holemaster

    I like Pat on the radio, he’s happy there and is more suited to current affairs and politics. He’s a victim of RTE’s never ending mistake of thinking radio success equals TV success. Gerry Ryan for example, effective on radio (as annoying as he can be) but does not work on TV at all. Marian Finucane is another example, very good on radio, was totally shite on Crimecall, kept getting important facts wrong and confusing people.

  5. gaiusc

    Bad and all that Pat Kenny is at TV presenting, he’s a bloody superstar compared to Gerry Ryan, who really bolloxed up the show recently.

    They should really swap Miriam and Pat to see how they get on. Pat has a good head for current affairs.

  6. Tinman18

    The Pat and Miriam idea is a really good one, gaiusc.

    Only problem is Miriam would be missing for about two weeks every year while she had another baby, so we’d still end up with Gerry Ryan.


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