Stuck on 99

Agent 99 from the original TV version of ‘Get Smart’ was my first love. The series came out in the late 60s, when I’d have been nine or so, and I thought she was gorgeous. She was beautiful, she had that really cute 1960s hairstyle, and she was a spy, so, in a phrase that so wasn’t in use back then, she had me after the word Agent. She was also really protective of the hapless Maxwell Smart, which proved that she was really sweet as well.

I actually never knew her real name until I looked it up just now (it’s Barbara Feldon), and if the character had a name in the series other than Agent 99 I never knew that either, and would prefer not to.

I enjoyed the trailers I’ve seen for the new film, and I believe  it’s quite funny, and Anne Hathaway is a very attractive girl, but I’m not sure if it would be the same. I’d feel that I was cheating in some way.

I then graduated to Emma Peel from the Avengers, whose leather outfits, even at that age (Google says I’d have been eleven) awoke strange sensations in parts of me that had been hitherto stilled.

After that I had a brief and now rather embarrassing fling with the Girl From UNCLE (embarrassing because she later became Jennifer Hart in Hart to Hart), and then fell for several Doctor Who girls (Ok, all of them, one after the other) before finally settling for Purdey from the New Avengers. Mind you, Google (again) says I’d have been nineteen when Purdey first appeared on TV, so that’s not so much Childhood Crush as Teenage Dirtbag.

Anyway, my motive for suddenly coming out with these mortifying revelations at this time is contained in the title of the post. Jo from Infantasia wrote about her 100 favourite things for her 100th post. She said she stole the idea from Midget Wrangler, who stole it from someone else, and so on.

As soon as I read that I decided I would do it. The problem is that since I got into the nineties I’ve been struggling to think of things to write about. Yesterday I was forced to do a fart joke just to get me to 98. And all day today I’ve been trying to think of something to write as post 99.

I’m just thankful I wasn’t reduced to writing about ice-cream cones.

Anyway, guess what tomorrow’s post is about.

4 thoughts on “Stuck on 99

  1. Jo

    Nothing wrong with writing about icecream! I could have done a guest post for you 🙂

    Looking forward to The List, I love a good list, I do.

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