Battered Shark

A remote controlled submarine from an oil rig off the Scottish coast has photographed what may be a Great White Shark – you know, the thing from Jaws.

You just know that the Scots are going to catch it, and then deep-fry it.

They’re gonna need a bigger pot.

2 thoughts on “Battered Shark

  1. sleepyjo


    Apparently there are lots of great whites visiting our shores now. And I saw a programme from a while back about sitings in Scotland – seals wouldn’t go in the water, a big shape rushing the canoe. Ooer!

    I mean I used to worry about a big fin when I thought there weren’t any – now I know there are?

    The final nail in the freezing cold, sewage ridden, why-I-don’t-go-in-the-sea-much-anymore coffin.

  2. Tinman18

    Hi Jo

    Shows how new I am at this – I thought I got a message every time I got a comment, so I’ve only found this – & the one yesterday about the showjumpers – now.

    Ever noticed BTW that the guy in Jaws who gets attacked in the dinghy has bare feet, but when his leg drops to the sea-floor he’s wearing a sock and a trainer. Which means the shark must have put them on.

    And tied the laces.


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