Gold for Balls

Eric Lamaze

Eric Lamaze

The event Denis Lynch was banned from on Thursday (no sympathy for him, BTW) was won by a guy called Eric Lamaze.

He has received three different bans, including two lifetime bans, at various stages. In 1996 he was banned for four years, which was reduced to seven months, after testing positive for cocaine. In 2000 he tested positive for 2 banned substances which he said came from a cold remedy and a diet supplement. He got a lifetime ban for this, but had this overturned by arguing that the products weren’t properly labelled.

He then tested positive for cocaine again. He got another lifetime ban. But – and here’s where his lawyer really earned his fee – he argued that this didn’t count because he was already banned for life when he took it. And he won.

As I understand this, it like drink-driving while you’re serving a ban for drink-driving, and arguing that what you’re doing is fine because you’re already banned.

If there was a Gold Medal in the Olympics for sheer Brazen Effrontery, he would surely win it.

Actually, of course, he has.

3 thoughts on “Gold for Balls

  1. Tinman18

    What pissed me off was that everyone felt sorry for the Irish guy. The Herald AM headline was “Shattered”, while the Metro talked about “Agony as show-jumper is banned”.

    If I got caught at, say, tax-fraud, you wouldn’t see an article headed “Shattered”, with the tag “agony for Tinman as judge bangs him up”.

  2. Sniffle&Cry

    Phoneys on ponies.

    That elitist Avril something was wheeled onto RTE and Billo to articulate the nation’s disamy and their sport’s bemusement.

    Utter elitist bollox.

    Horses are for betting on and for eating in France.



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