Big Brother Blog (6)

I know who Lisa reminds me of!

Her face is that of the archetypal blow-up doll.

I fear that her story yesterday that she’s seen a little green alien was not taken seriously by the other housemates. I’m sure she’d have looked hurt if she was able to. (And while I’m slagging Lisa, it’s worth pointing out that Belinda-by-Three thinks that aliens landed in the US at someplace called ‘Rockwell’). The alien, by the way, has to have been the dumbest one ever to visit Earth if it came here and went away having abducted a tent as a sample of human life to study. No wonder they haven’t been back.

With Mario gone, Lisa’s personality is beginning to show – which is unfortunate for her, since she seems to be a mentler. She believes that Mario was evicted because “the Universe decided it was his time” – funnily, I’d thought it was because “the UK decided he was a pillock”.

BBB should go this Friday. In a house starved of music, she has managed to make music unpopular.

The others like to think they have big personalities, but she really does, and it’s just too big for a 24/7 existence in such confined circumstances.

Only one nomination for the ghastly Luke this week – aaargh! Wake up, guys!!!

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