Being Out There

I got my first comment today.

A guy called Brian commented on a post I made about an article in the Irish Times magazine about graffiti. In it, I had a go at graffitists (if that’s a word), the journalist and the editor. In Brian’s reply he had a go at me.

Fair enough. That’s what it’s all about. It did make me realize, however, how “out there” you are when you get involved in this. I’ve told no-one I’m doing this, coz I’m too shy and unsure of myself yet, and still I got a comment from someone I don’t know, will never meet, and who has just as much right to slag me as I have to slag Maser the “street artist.”

It makes me think. I’ve been doing this as a kind of venting exercise, letting off steam about things that annoy me so that I don’t end up muttering on the Luas like a loony. I’ve treated it like a private diary, and now it’s been brought home to me that it’s not that private at all.

That’s good, it will hopefully make me put a bit more effort into it. I set out to have a bit of fun with all this, but I’ve been increasingly conscious that virtually all of my posts so far have been giving out about something. I sound like Victor Meldrew on double espresso. Certainly I wanted to have a go at things, but I had originally hoped to have more cheerful posts sometimes too.

Oh, well. Still learning. And, as someone once said, anything worth doing, is worth doing badly.


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