Big Brother Blog (2)

“I’m a straight-up bloke, me,” said Mario in the diary room, “what you see is what you get.”

No sense of irony, then, from our Mario (nee Shaun). You don’t even use your own name, mate.

“We have our own fan-club, us, back where we come from,” he told the other housemates, referring to himself and his clingy girlfriend Lisa, a woman with a permanently startled expression who applies make-up to her face in the same way Rolf Harris applies paint to a canvas.

She spends all her time massaging or oiling him, while he just lies there making disparaging comments about everyone else.

He is the ultimate “bloke”, in the worst possible meaning of the word. It’s hard to be more unlikeable than the shrieking Alexandra, but this king-sized knob manages it easily.

For God’s sake get him out.

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