I’ve just come back from the Gym (it’s been raining heavily here for 39 hours now so I wanted to practice on the rowing-boat, it may soon be our only way to the shops).

As I got to our house I saw that our car wasn’t in our driveway. “Ah,” I thought, “Mrs Tin has gone out.”

I put the kettle on, emptied my gym-bag and then loudly marched into our room to change out of my tracksuit top. I got a real shock when I got in there.

Mrs Tin was asleep in bed.

Those of you who fear that this story will end in a sad tale of car-theft can relax. Those of you who fear for the sanity of your friend Tinman can start to be very afraid.

The car wasn’t in the driveway when I got home because I was driving it.

I wonder do they have a gym for brains.

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